HFC HA-117 BB Gun Airsoft Pistol Handgun (Orange)


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HFC HA-117 BB Gun Airsoft Pistol Handgun (Orange)


The HFC HA-117 BB Gun is modelled on the famous glock handgun and is built with accuracy and feel in mind. The impressive weight of the gun makes this an excellent handgunthat provides a high degree of accuracy when used with 0.20g pellets and above.


– Heavy weight anti-shock ABS with metal parts
– Range approx 30 metres
– 6mm BB’s only
– approx 250 fps
– 15 round agazine


Based on the famous Glock gun, the HFC HA-117 BB Gun is a practical choice for skirmishers and for target practice.

This glock replica packs a real punch and is built with durable material to help prevent damage from drops and ensure longevity. Available in orange.

Recommend high grade BB’s with this Gun (0.2g grade ).


Magazine: 15 shot
Measured velocity:  250 fps
Fire mode: Single Shot
Body material: Plastic
Barrel Type: Metal

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