Buying BB Guns


Q. Can I buy an airsoft BB Gun if I am under 18?

A. No, there is a minimum age threshold for purchasing airsoft guns of 18 years. There is however no age restriction buy law on operating a an Airsoft BB Gun that is two toned.


Q. Are BB Guns not illegal?

A. No, it is perfectly legal to purchase a 2 tone airsoft BB Gun under the Violent Crime reduction Act 2006 provided you are aged 18 or over. Purchase of guns that imitate actual firearms (i.e. those that are black) require membership with UKARA. See more here.


Airsoft BB Guns Questions


Q. Are BB Airsoft Guns Safe to use?

A. Overall yes they are safe to use though if misused, BB Airsoft Guns can cause harm to persons or damage to property. We therefore strongly encourage the use of personal protective equipment when used such as goggles, face masks, and protective clothing. Otherwise, the use of Airsoft BB Guns is an enjoyable sport.


Q Are BB Airsoft guns accurate?

A. Most Airsoft BB Guns are accurate within shorter distances and naturally lose their accuracy at the tail end of their trajectory. You can expect a high degree of accuracy within 100-150 metres. Those that travel further distances will be more prone to air conditions and wind. Much of the level of accuracy you can expect comes down to the quality of 6mm BB used as opposed to the gun.


Q. Are Airsoft BB Guns safe for use around the home?

A. Airsoft BB Guns are primarily designed for target practice and skirmish games. They should not be used around the house where there is a risk that animals and other humans could be injured. Use in the back garden with safety precautions such as safety goggles/masks is safe.


Q. Is it ever ok to fire a BB Gun at another person?

A. Outside of planned skirmishes involving the use of safety clothing and equipment, you should never aim or fire your Airsoft BB Gun at another person or animal.


Q. Are BB Guns made of metal?

A. Some are made from plastic, some plastic with metal reinforcements and some metal. Some may also feature wooden parts. The product description should set out this information. The cheaper guns will tend to be made from plastic with the more expensive ones from metal.


Q. Are Airsoft guns real?

A. No, they are usually spring loaded guns that fire 6mm plastic ball bearings. The two tone colouring on our guns help distinguish this from actual firearms so its quite plain that they are not real guns.




Q. Do you deliver internationally?

A. Currently our operations are limited to delivery in the UK.


Q. Has my order been dispatched?

A. You will get email confirmation of when we have dispatched your product.


Q. There are some missing parts to my order.

A. This would be highly unusaly as all products are sealed from our supplier. However, where this happens, please take a photo and contact us to notify us of this within 7 working days. After 7 working days, we can cannot rectify any missing parts.


Q. What are the delivery costs?

A. This will depend on the size of the item you have purchased and will be stated on the site.


Q. When will my order arrive?

A. You should receive an estimated delivery date based on the shipping option you choose. Please allow 3 working days after the estimated date before contacting us with any delivery concerns particularly during the seasonal period where deliervies can take a little longer.


Q. Why is my gun not Black?

A. All guns sold on our site are 2 two tone BB Guns and will therefore be a combination of two colours or in some case predominantly one bright colour. This because of the law changes in 2006 under the Violent Crime and Reduction Act which now only permits the sale of airsoft guns if they are two toned. Black guns (imitation/replica firearms) require membership with the UKARA,




Q. How do I return a product?

A. Returning products to us is simple, however, we can only receive items if you follow the guidelines below:

    • Send us an email at returns@bbgunsexpress.com
    • Please provide as much information as possible on the form
    • One of the support team will then acknowledge your email
    • Our support team will then give you a returns number via email
    • You need to pay for the postage and then organise a postage refund separately if entitled
    • You must send your items to us via TRACKED/RECORDED/SIGNED FOR delivery
    • Do not forget to include the returns number on the outside and inside of the package plus your name, address
    • We must receive your item back within 14 days of the first email being raised
    • We will then do our best to notify you when we have received your item
    • We will notify you via email of our findings and our action

Please send your items to the following address via tracked/recorded/signed for delivery:


21 Parkside

Ladgate Lane






Q. My Gun has jammed what should I do?

A. Sometimes BB pellets can clog the barrel. You can attempt to clear this and some guns come with a tool to do so. Once cleared, your gun should be good to go. A common symptom of jamming is the use of poor quality BB pellets. It is therefore highlight recommended that you use good quality grade pellets for your BB Airsoft Gun.


Q. When firing BB pellets, there is a big curve in the trajectory of the pellets.

A. If this is happening on a gun or pistol with a Hop-Up then a small adjustment will fix the problem, please see your gun’s manual for information on how to just your Hop-Up.

If it is not a Hop-Up issue then how about looking at one of these possible issues:

Abnormality of BB pellet
Avoid using poor quality or deformed BB pellets. Use high quality, seamless and perfectly round BB’s. You should never reuse pellets off the ground as they are likely to have deformed on impact.

Abnormality in sectional parts of the barrel
Replace with new parts if there are scratches or deformities in internal parts of BB chamber/inner barrel.

Synchronisation failure between moving parts
Lubricate slide, frame-assembly, gun barrel and other movable parts with oil or clean with warm soapy water and re-lubricate.

You have lubricant on the Hop-Up mechanism 
Clean your Hop-Up and inner barrel with correct products.

Holding and gripping gun incorrectly
Try to avoid wrist or handshake, grip tightly when shooting. Grip gun with both hands where possible.


Q. My Airsoft BB Gun is firing intermittently.

A. This could be due to a number of issues:

Defective or deformed BB pellet
Use high-quality BB pellets that have no visible mould-seam or miss-shape. Do NOT ever re-use a fired BB!

The magazine is defective or damaged
Deformity of magazine top or magazine outlet feed. Replace worn parts with new ones.

Incorrect adjustment of back-spin (hop-up) mechanism.
Move hop-up adjustment up if the BB’s drop or down if the BB’s curve upwards.







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