What Do You Need to Start Playing Airsoft?

Getting started with Airsoft can be a little intimidating but we have you covered.


This guide will breakdown everything you need to know to get started with skirmishing and buying and using your first Airsoft BB Gun.





First thing to ask yourself is what your budget is and how serious and regular you will be playing Airsoft? Is it just for some target practice? We would suggest taking it one step at a time rather than getting equipped from head to toe like Rambo.




Despite what gun you want to first invest in, it is strongly recommended that you invest in a pair of goggles or a face mask. These are relatively cheap and I surely don’t need to explain how important it is to protect your eyes. Whilst these are usually available to hire from Skirmish Centres, just get a pair for yourself. Particularly with COVID-19, you don’t really want to have to rent something that is covering your face.




Padded gloves and clothing are nice to haves and will provide protection as well as head gear but most normal clothing (not T Shirts) will provide ample protection. Just bear in mind, when playing Airsoft skirmishes, you are likely to get hot and sweaty running around so good footwear and lightweight protective clothing is recommended. You could get overall’s similar to what you would wear when paint balling and a camouflage pattern would be handy if your outdoors.




As mentioned above, good footwear is an essential. It is very easy to roll over your ankle in the heat of a chase. Plus skirmish sites are designed to emulate a real environments so uneven ground in areas of a play zone are common.


You wear trainers at your own peril. We suggest getting a pair of solid boots. Hiking boots would work that protect your ankles.



Right on to the good stuff.


To get a Black Airsoft Gun, a UKARA Licence is needed and most people will not be in a position to wait for this and will want something instantly. Therefore a two tone Airsoft BB Gun is what you will need which can be purchased without a licence. Most guns on our site are two tone and pack a hell of a punch.


The easiest way of deciding what type of gun you want is to think of your preferred play style in most video games, Assault, Support, Recon or Medic.


These broadly split in to Assault Rifles, Long Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles and Sub Machine Guns.


Pistols are a side arm must and actually that’s where we suggest you start to get familiar with the use and maintenance of an Airsoft Gun.


There’s no such thing as a best gun, it all comes down to your play style and the situation. Most Skirmish Centre’s will involve organised scenarios, simulations, game modes and battle types. As you progress this hobby, you will want to ensure you are equipped to deal with each play style.


Head over to our product pages to check out the latest selection of two tone Airsoft BB Guns on offer.




Most Skirmishers will tell you that a sturdy hand pistol is a no brainer that everyone should have in their load outs. We stock an excellent range of metal handguns that pack a punch that are suitable for beginners and experts alike.



An Assault Rifle is the gun that most people will be interested in as their primary weapon of choice. Be it an M4 or AK47, we have got you covered. Check out our range of two tone Airsoft BB Guns. You are sure to find something that meets your needs.




Surprisingly, a good shotgun can come in a range of sizes from long to short barrels making them actually quite versatile in your equipment load out.


The range of Shotguns on our site pack a meaty punch and have a realistic pump action making reloading a breeze. A good shotgun can be the difference between a win or loss in close encounters so these should definitely not be overlooked.




Perhaps the sexiest but more specialist categories, we have a fantastic range of Sniper Rifles and LMG’s which more purpose orientated weapons are. Excellent for the casual skirmisher who wants to simply get some good target practice to the seasoned skirmisher, our range of weapons in these categories will not disappoint. We would give a particular shout out to the LA-85A1/2 (SA 80 British Army Rifle).

What a beast!




Once you are equipped with your Airsoft Gun of choice, it is extremely handy to carry some extra magazines which can be preloaded. You can of course find cover and load up your magazine with your spare bag of pellets so it’s not a deal breaker but certainly something a more seasoned Skirmisher will want to invest in.




We would consider this is essential for transporting your weapons especially if they are of relative high value and you also don’t want them exposed in the car.


You could find alternative options around the house to lug your load outs around in but you can risk guns getting damaged if they are not properly protected.




The options really are endless when it comes to airsoft purchases, and we could go on – from slings to scopes, patches to protective knee-pads, there is an endless list of items you could pick up to enhance your airsoft experience. Be careful though, once you are on the Airsoft wagon it’s hard to come off! The main thing to remember though is to have fun and keep safe.



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