G.1A Metal Airsoft BB Gun with Silencer (Red)


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G.1A Metal Airsoft BB Gun with Silencer (Red)


Modelled after the Colt 25 1908 vest pocket handgun, this 7 capacity single shot spring hand gun, is an exellent entry side arm which comes with a mock silencer.

Whilst slighlty smaller than the actual Colt 1911, the fantastic design and feel of the gun, makes this a perfect hand piece.

It has a FPS of 175 and can reach 25 to 30 metres.

This G.1A Model in red is made of zinc alloy and its spring powered (meaning a single shot gun which you pull back the top slide on the gun to cock after firing each shot.

    • Around 25-20 Metre Range
    • Hop-UP
    • Strong metal construction
    • Mock Silencer included
    • 7 Round Magazine


In the box: Gun, Silencer, Magazine, and starter BB pellets.

Colour comes in sky blue colour and red colour. Check listing title for correct version.


– Upto 175 fps
– Singleshot spring powered
– Excellent accuracy
– Mock Silencer
– Gripped handle


The G.1A is a versatile, solid handgun crafted from a combination of metal and plastic parts. It comes with a mock silencer and the gun can be used with or without it. 

A popular model, the G.1A offers compact and even weight distribution making this easy to aim down the sights and has an easy grip trigger.

The Galaxy G.1A offers approximate 175 fps easily clearing 25 metres in range. We recommend 0.12g ammo for best results.

The Galaxy G.1A comes in red or blue so please check listing title for correct colour.

Please note that the silencer screws on to the end of the gun and so care should be taken when using it and storing it away as the screw thread can be damaged or silence snapped if mishandled or misused.

Recommend medium/high grade BB’s with this Gun (0.2g grade).


Magazine: 7 Rounds
Measured velocity:  175 fps
Hop-Up: Fixed
Fire mode: Single Shot (spring)
Body material: Metal
Barrel Type: Metal



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