G.3 Galaxy Bundle – 2 x G3 Metal Airsoft BB Gun (Pistol) Blue and 2000 BB’s


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G.3 Galaxy Bundle – 2 x G3 Metal Airsoft BB Gun (Pistol) Blue and 2000 BB’s


Modelled after the PPK pistol, the Galaxy G.3 BB Gun is a compact and powerful handgun.

It’s size makes it easy to conceal and can be holstered into a number of different places on the body with ease.

It has a 9 shot magazine, and its 200 fps, makes this great for target practice and skirmishes.

Whilst you can get more powerful handguns, for the price point and power you get, the G.3 is an excellent value buy.

The G3 galaxy bundle contains 2 hand guns and 2000 BB’s (colours of pellets may vary).


Scale: 1:1 (Small weapon)
Magazine: 9 Round Mag
Measured velocity:  Up To 200Fps
Hop-Up: N/A (uses fixed rubber air seal that acts as the hop)
Fire mode: Springer
Barrel type: Metal Alloy

Colour comes in sky blue colour and red colour. Check listing title for correct version.


You are likely to have seen this handgun in movies such as James Bond. This compact PPK replica is a powerful gun for its size and will not dissapoint.

It has a fixed hop up for longer shooting and makes great fun for backyard target practice and actual skirmish batles.

Its sturdy metal structure makes this very reliable and accurate.

Recommend medium/high grade BB’s with this Gun (0.2g grade).


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