CYMA P799A Shotgun BB Gun (Orange)


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CYMA P799A Shotgun BB Gun 


A beginners pump action shotgun based on the Benelli M3. With a fps of 250, this is Shotgun offers impressive power and accuracy with a mag that can hold 150 rounds.

This shotgun comes with a removable stock, scope and pistol grip which provides the gun with a good amount of mobility and stability for a gun of this size (approx 36 inches).


– 150 Round Magazine
– Stock and Scope Inlcuded
– Pump Action
– 250 Fps


CYMA’s P799a Shotgun in two tone is a great beginners Shotgun, aimed at providing cover in close quarters scenarios. The Shotgun comes equipped with a scope, stock and pistol grip.

Reccommend high grade BB’s with this Gun (0.2g grade or above).


Magazine: 150 Rounds
Measured velocity:  250 fps
Hop-Up: Air Seal
Fire mode: Pump Action (spring)
Body material: Plastic.
Barrel Type: Plastic



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