Starter Pack 2 CYMA P.618 Handgun BB Gun, Full Face Mask and 2000 BB’s


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STARTER PACK 2 CYMA P.618 Handgun BB Gun (Blue), Full Face Mask and 2000 6mm 0.12g BB’s


The BB Guns Express Starter Pack 2 for beginners includes 1 x P.618 Handguns, full face mask and 2000 0.12g BB Pellets (colours may vary between blue, white, yellow and red) to get you on your Airsoft journey!

The starter pack bundle includes:

    • P.618a BB Gun (Blue)
    • Full Face Mask (Black)
    • 2000pcs 6mm 0.12g BB pellets in red, blue white or yellow.


    • Around 20 Metre Range
    • Upto 150 fps
    • Hop-UP
    • Plastic construction
    • 7 Round Magazine
    • Gripped Handle
    • Single shot powered


The P.618a is a beginner BB Gun and useful for getting started or keeping for genera target practice and as a back up weapon.

Relatively inexpensive, the starter pack provides opportunity for backyard target practice and skirmishes between two and offers excellent value when bought as a bundle deal

Recommend medium grade BB’s with this Gun (0.12g grade).


Magazine: 7 Rounds
Measured velocity:  175 fps
Hop-Up: Fixed
Fire mode: Single Shot (spring)
Body material: Plastic
Barrel Type: Plastic

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