VORSK V6 Performance Airsoft Gas 300g

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The NEW VORSK V6 Performance GBB Airsoft (GAS) Fuel for blowback pistols and rifles.

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VORSK V6 Performance Airsoft Gas

This new VORSK V6 has a totally new tin that is constructed from aluminium making it nice and lightweight.

This new airsoft gas product provides 300g of Gas, measures 27cm in height and 2.5″ or 6.4cm in width, so its easy to fit into a pouch. It also features a new heavy duty alloy nozzle, with two protective plastic caps to ensure that your nozzle never gets damaged.

This VORSK V6 is similar in power to other Green Gases such as Nurprol and possesses a similar power output and consistency, which is why it’s ideally designed for Gas Blowback Pistols and tactical gas blowback guns.

Grab your today and give this new gas a try!

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Weight 800 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm


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